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Conser House Updates

We dedicate this section to informing you about the restoration of the Conser House.  

 July 2019:  At this point, the city has received a grant to start exterior repairs. Old insulation has been removed under the house.  Work to be addressed in this grant is: replace porch boards, add insulation underneath, fix gutters, and repair rot on lower boards.

  Watch for banner announcing the start of the restoration process.

September 4, 2019:   We are finally on our way to begin actual restoration work on the Conser  House.  After receiving a grant in May, we have "jumped through all the  hoops" to use the funds to repair the front porch, add insulation under  the house, and fix the drainage system.  Watch this space for further  updates and learn how you can help support this big project!  Keep  watching. 


November and December 2019

Soon  you will be seeing contractors at work on the Conser House.  The front  gutter will be replaced and additional flashing and other work will  guarantee the water flows  into the gutter.  An additional downspout will help solve the water  issues.

Vertical  grade Douglas Fir flooring is being ordered from a plant in Eugene.  It  will be used to replace the floor on the front porch.  This will follow  the gutter replacement.

In December the insulation will go in under the building, so lots is happening!

(We  haven’t dug the irises yet, but will soon.  Let Amy know in the museum  if you want some).  Also, don't forget to check out our thermometer showing our current  financial status 

 May 2020 

So  as we continue to be in lock down mode, we would like to take the time  to update you on some improvements that have happened in the Conser  House:  The exterior of house is opened up along the south and west side to  reveal  the work to finish the CLG grant.  There is more rot at the SE  corner,  but Jeff with the city states it is just a 4 x4 filler board that can be replaced  without jacking the house.  It is pretty much what we  expected.  Stop  by and see the opening. We are going to plan a "hatch"  to allow  electrical contractors to access under the house on South.   Jeff has removed all communication conduit to the house and it looks   better already.  Most of the electric  is shut off,  since they removed all floor outlets that were sticking up in the  middle  of the floor.   Frank  is getting two more electrical and plumbing  bids.  The hanging chimney is now down .  Cost was $500 and that will come from our  grant account.  This is way less than  we had planned, so good news. 

We've received almost $3000 in donations with another $750 that came in as well,  so that is great news too.

Thank you for your continued support as we keep progressing through this time, your support is so valuable to us!

Jacob Conser House

Jacob Conser House