Historic Jefferson Homes

J.S. Conser House

A.B. Hudelson House

A.B. Hudelson House


Several years after Jacob

build the 1854 Historic

Conser House on Main St.

as a home and hotel, he

built this Federal style

family home. He eventually

sold it to his son, Lewis

Cass Conser for $1.00 and a

quarter interest in the ferry

(now the boat landing).

Circa 1860

290 Hazel St.

A.B. Hudelson House

A.B. Hudelson House

A.B. Hudelson House


Built in 1893 in the

Italianate Victorian style

featuring over hanging eves

with large decorative

brackets. Hudelson owned a

hardware and farm

implement store on Main St.

He sold his home to his

daughter and husband,

Janey & Ulysses Grant

Holt in 1901 for $1200.

1893 - 245 N. 3 rd St.

C.M. Smith House

A.B. Hudelson House

C.M. Smith House


Built in the Queen Ann

architectural style featuring

a distinctive wrap around

porch. Smith and partner

Fontaine were owners of a

Main St. dry goods store for

many years. The store

burned in the 1938. The

Jones Building stands now

in this same location.


310 Church St.